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Solução de problemas Eaton engrenagens de transmissão & Veios

conflitantes Engrenagens

Snubbing and clashing gears while shifting are frequent abuses to which unsynchronized transmissions are subjected. Light snubbing will do little damage. The real damage is done by the hard clash shift caused by engaging gears which are far out of synchronization. This can break pieces of metal from the ends of the clutching teeth. Clashing gears can be traced to one of three causes:

snubbed clutching gear teeth

Esnobou Dentes Clutching engrenagem

1. Shifting imprópria

This applies to drivers who are not familiar with the shift pattern or have not learned the RPM spread between shifts.

2. Embreagem

Clashing when starting up in first or reverse gear can be caused by insufficient clutch clearance or a dragging clutch not releasing properly. This makes the transmission countershafts and mainshaft gears continue rotating while the clutch pedal is depressed. Clashing results when the nonrotating sliding clutch is forced to mesh with a rotating mainshaft gear. Double clutching during lever shifts will also reduce snubbing and clashing.

3. Força inercial

Contraeixos e engrenagens do eixo principal geralmente levam de 3 para 5 segundos para parar de girar após a embreagem foi desengatado. A tentativa de malha a engrenagem da embreagem com uma engrenagem do eixo principal antes da engrenagem do eixo principal pára irá resultar em confronto. Se a transmissão não está equipada com um freio da embreagem ou freio countershaft, é necessário fazer uma pausa de alguns segundos depois de pressionar o pedal da embreagem antes de tentar engajamento inicial da transmissão.

Marcas de fabricação

Sometimes gears are replaced or thought to be defective because of marks left on the gear by manufacturing processes. estas manchas, Contudo, do not contribute to gear failure and the gear should not be replaced because of these marks.

hob Marcas

hob marks

These are cutting marks or lines formed during the initial cutting of the gear teeth. Hob marks on the tooth face will be removed by the shaving process, but hob marks in the root of the tooth will most likely remain, and may be found even on gears with much wear on them.

Marcas de barbear

shaving marks on gear

The shaving operation leaves distinct diagonal marks on the face of the gear tooth. These marks can be distinguished from scoring marks by the fact they are diagonal, while scoring marks are more nearly vertical. Most shaving marks are removed during normal gear operation.

engrenagem lipping

engrenagem lipping

Lipping ou barbear rebarbas, is the formation of “lips” at the tip of the gear teeth machining. Estes “lábios” não fará nenhum dano à engrenagem.

Rattle engrenagem em marcha lenta

Mainshaft gears are designed to have a specified amount of axial clearance which allows them to rotate freely on the mainshaft. The amount of clearance is governed by the use of washers. Um motor em marcha lenta áspero pode configurar vibrações, causing the mainshaft gears to rattle as they strike mating gears. This condition can usually be cured by improving the idling characteristics of the engine. Tolerance washers may have to be changed to bring the axial gear clearance to within tolerance on high mileage units. See the service manual for procedure and specifications.

Torção eixo e Fracture

Failure of transmission shafts through fracturing or twisting is caused when stresses are imposed on them which are greater than they were designed to withstand. The main causes for these failures are:

  1. técnicas agarravam impróprias.
  2. A partir de muito alto de engrenagem.
  3. arrastando.
  4. Tentando iniciar com freios travados.
  5. Transmission used for application it was not designed to withstand.
  6. Esbarrar em doca quando backing.
  7. A montagem incorrecta de 5 roda ajustável.
fractured mainshaft

Fractured Eixo Principal
Tal como acontece com os dentes da engrenagem, shafts may fracture as a result of fatigue or impact.

twisted mainshaft

torcido Eixo Principal
Loads not severe enough to cause shaft fractures may cause the shaft to twist.

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