Eaton Fuller Hybrid Transmission Fault Code 94 – Transfer Case Message Fault

Fault code for Eaton Hybrid Drive Systems models (MY09) EH-8E406A-U/P, EH-8E406A-UP, EH-8E406A-UPG, EH-8E406A-CD, EH-8E406A-CDG, EH-8E406A-CDR, EH-8E406A-T, EH-6E706B-CD, EH-6E706B-P and EH-6E706B-UPG. Read below to learn how to test, clear and fix fault code errors for your Freightliner, Mack, Peterbilt, Kenworth, Volvo, International, and heavy-duty truck and equipment. On 4-wheel drive vehicles, the HCM receives transfer case messages from any OEM-installed controller over the J1939 link. The HCM uses messages to recalculate Output Shaft Speed Sensor information when the transfer case is in the 4-wheel low position.

Fault Code 94 – Transfer Case Message Fault Detection

The following preconditions must be met before the system detects the fault:

  • Hybrid Control Module (HCM) ignition voltage is greater than 7 volts and less than 16 volts.

Note: When troubleshooting an Inactive code refer to the Product Diagnostic Mode (PDM)

Conditions to Set Fault Code Active

  • FMI 9 is set when the TC1 message is either out of range or has not been received for more than 30 seconds.

Fallback When Fault Code 94 is set the following conditions occur:

  • Fault is stored in Hybrid Control Module (HCM) memory.
  • Transmission shift quality is reduced when the transfer case is in 4-wheel low position.

This fault code can be caused by any of the following:

  • FMI 9
    • Incorrect OEM controller settings or programming.
    • Failed transfer case switch or wiring.

Fault Code 94 – Transfer Case Message Fault Test

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