13 Speed Eaton Fuller Transmission

13 speed Eaton Fuller transmissions in every model with automatic and manual models available. Whatever your Fuller transmission needs, we can help. We not only stock Eaton Fuller 13 speed heavy-duty transmissions in new and rebuilt options we also sell genuine Eaton Fuller transmission parts including rebuild kits, gears, bearing kits, synchronizers, seal kits, bearings, counter shafts, bell housings, input shafts and more. If you need your transmission rebuilt, we can help. We provide quality transmission rebuilding services and can pick up and deliver your transmission from anywhere in the world.

13 Speed Eaton Fuller transmissionModels in this series provide thirteen forward speeds and two reverse, consisting of a 5-speed front section and a 3-speed auxiliary section. The auxiliary section contains LO and HI range ratios, plus an overdrive splitter gear. The 1st position in the front section is used only as a starting gear. The other four ratios are used once in LO range and once again in HI range. Each of the four ratios, when used in HI range, can be split with the overdrive splitter gear. After shifting out of the 1st position, you use the easy Roadranger repeat “H” shift pattern. LO range and HI range are selected with the Range Knob/Range Lever. It is used once during the upshift sequence and once during the downshift sequence.
Always preselect the range shift. After preselection, the transmission will automatically make the synchronizer range shift as the shift lever passes through neutral. When in HI range the ratios can be split by using the Splitter Control Button. The Direct/Rearward position gives the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th speed ratios: the Overdrive/Forward position splits each of the HI range speed ratios. Therefore, eight progressive HI range ratios can be obtained.

How to Identify Your Eaton Fuller Transmission Model Nomenclature

When ordering be sure to have your Eaton Fuller transmission model available. The model number gives basic information about the transmission. The transmission model designation and other transmission identification information are stamped on the transmission tag. To identify the transmission model designation and serial number, locate the tag on the side of the transmission and then locate the numbers as shown.

Heavy Duty Transmission – Nomenclature

Eaton Fuller Super Transmission Nomenclature
Eaton Fuller Model Designation Prefix
Prefix Definition
T Twin Countershaft
TX w/Overdrive
RT Roadranger Twin Countershaft
RTF w/ Forward Shift Bar Housing
RTO w/ Overdrive
RTOF w/ Overdrive and Forward Shift Bar Housing
RTX w/ Overdrive and Direct Shift Pattern
RTXF w/ Overdrive, Direct Shift Pattern and Forward Shift Bar Housing
RTL Roadranger Twin Countershaft w/Low Inertia
RTLO Roadranger Twin Countershaft w/Low Inertia and Overdrive
RTOC Roadranger Twin Countershaft w/Overdrive and Convertible Model
RTLOC Roadranger Twin Countershaft w/Low Inertia, Overdrive and Convertible Model
FA Fuller Advantage Twin Countershaft
FAF Fuller Advantage Twin Countershaft w/Forward Shift Bar Housing
FAM Fuller Advantage Twin Countershaft Multi-torque
FAMF Fuller Advantage Twin Countershaft Multi-torque w/Forward Shift Bar Housing
FAO Fuller Advantage Twin Countershaft w/Overdrive
FAOF Fuller Advantage Twin Countershaft Overdrive w/Forward Shift Bar Housing
FAOM Fuller Advantage Twin Countershaft w/Overdrive & w/Multi-torque
FAOMF Fuller Advantage Twin Countershaft w/Overdrive and Multi-torque w/ Forward Shift Bar Housing
FR Fuller Roadranger Twin Countershaft
FRF Fuller Roadranger Twin Countershaft w/ Forward Shift Bar Housing
FRM Fuller Roadranger Twin Countershaft w/ Multi-torque
FRO Fuller Roadranger Twin Countershaft w/Overdrive
FROF Fuller Roadranger Twin Countershaft w/Overdrive & Forward Shift Bar Housing
FRW Fuller Roadranger Twin Countershaft w/Cooler-less Option
FRLO Lightning® Models

Eaton Transmission Shift Pattern

A shift pattern decal that explains how to properly shift the transmission should be in your vehicle. If you your shift pattern decal for your Eaton transmission has been lost, visit our webstore to purchase a replacement. Shift diagrams are required by the DOT in case of emergency need to move your truck.

10 speed shift pattern for Eaton Fuller transmission

Eaton Fuller 13 Speed Shift Pattern

Eaton Fuller RTLO16713A Transmission 13 Speed Transmissions For Sale

How to professionally shift Eaton’s heavy-duty 13- and 18-speed manual transmissions for commercial vehicles.

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