Eaton Fuller Hybrid Transmission Fault Code 165 – APG Unit 1 – Configuration Error

Fault code for Eaton Hybrid Drive Systems models (MY09) EH-8E406A-U/P, EH-8E406A-UP, EH-8E406A-UPG, EH-8E406A-CD, EH-8E406A-CDG, EH-8E406A-CDR, EH-8E406A-T, EH-6E706B-CD, EH-6E706B-P and EH-6E706B-UPG. Read below to learn how to test, clear and fix fault code errors for your Freightliner, Mack, Peterbilt, Kenworth, Volvo, International, and heavy-duty truck and equipment. The Auxiliary Power Generator (APG) is a 5kW/5kVA DC/AC Inverter that is connected to the high voltage DC bus of the Eaton Hybrid electric vehicle system, and generates 60 Hz single-phase 120V AC power for utility applications. The Hybrid Controller Module (HCM) can be configured for up to 2 APG units.

Fault Code 165 – APG Unit 1 – Configuration Error Detection

The following preconditions must be met before the system detects the fault:

  • HCM is powered and ignition voltage is greater than 7 volts and less than 16 volts.

Note: When troubleshooting an Inactive code refer to the Product Diagnostic Mode (PDM)

Conditions to Set Fault Code Active

  • FMI 2 is set when the number of APGs responding on the link is different than the number of APGs configured in the HCM.

Fallback When Fault Code 165 is set the following conditions occur:

  • Amber “Check Hybrid” light illuminates.
  • Fault is stored in HCM memory.

This fault code can be caused by any of the following:

  • FMI 2
    • HCM configuration

Fault Code 165 – APG Unit 1 – Configuration Error Test

Component Identification:

APG 8-way low-voltage connector view

APG 8-way low-voltage connector view

NOTE: Refer to the Eaton Hybrid Component and Connector Location for Connector Locations in MY09 Systems.

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